Genice Advantages

   *   8 years LED product exporting experience    
   *   8 years LED product manufacturing experience    
   *   Provide Dialux design service    
   *   Products passed various international certifications    
   *   Support continous improvement and customised design    

   *   Always establish win-win business with customers together     

   *   Products advantages :

Genice relys on independent design and continuous research and development,with rapid market responsiveness and timely delivery of products planning and fully adopt the customer's various requirements and suggestions to design for customized products;

Basing on market demand for the purchase of raw materials, structural optimization, parameter settings,cost analysis and other aspects of the comprehensive arrangements and rationalization of processing and production processes.Before products on the market, all products are been to design verification, reliability analysis, stability testing, certification, and other visual experience and use it to ensure product quality and safety.Through independent third-party testing and inspection methods for all products combined with testing and repeated verification to ensure compliance with national certification standard for lighting products.

   *   Technologies Advantages:

Genice adheres a combination of roads to learn, improve and develop, to enhance the company's technical and technological level,
commitment to technology updates and transformation products, continuing to draw lessons to make up for deficiencies
on the technical aspects.Introduction of foreign advanced technology combined with LED cooling characteristics of the design of
our products so as to achieve the best cooling solution to ensure product stability and reliability,
while using leading LED driver power supply and high quality LED chip ensure high luminous efficiency and long lifespan.

   *   Capacity Advantages:

From design to production and service, Genice has a sound technical team and customer service team, focus on the voices of the customers and the product optimization, Genice has formed a stable, rational and efficient management system.

Chinese LED manufacturers produce both high and low quality products which is very difficult for users to decide and choose, through constant technological innovation and product structure adjustment, expanding the product size and product variety, Genice has become one of the well-known export enterprises ,also good reputation from foreign customers with a certain scale.


Genice Lighting Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen 518110,China

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