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Frequently asked questions:

 1.Why should I choose LED?  
   LEDs present many advantages compared with traditional incandescent and fluorescent lights:
   1)Lower enerrgy consumption:LEDs produce more light per watt than incandescent and fluorescent.  
   2)Longer lifetime: LED's may last up to 50,000 hours in many cases, much longer than the incandescent and fluorescent lights.  
   3)Faster switching: LEDs light up very quickly. A typical red indicator LED will achieve full brightness in microseconds.  
   4)Environment friendly:unlike fluorescent lamps,LEDs do not contain mercury.

2.Are LEDs as bright as fluorescent and incandescent?  
  Unlike conventional light sources such as incandescent, halogen or fluorescent, the light from an LED is directional.
  Because of this nature, LEDs can appear almost twice as bright as typical light sources.

3.Are LED bulbs/tubes easy to install?  
  Yes. Installing or changing an LED light bulb/tube is like changing any other bulb/tube,
  with LEDs’ long lifetime that you’ll need to change it far less often!

4.What is the difference between warm white and cool white?  
 Lights come in different 'colour temperatures', warm white is between 2500k and 3500k and has a yellowish glow.  
 Cool whites are between 5500k and 7000k and contain more blue tones;
 they are closer to the colour of daylight and are good for concentration.

5.What is your warranty policy?  
  All of our LED products come with a three-year warrantyand five-years for only outdoor lights .


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